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A view behind the scenes at Classiccar-Art!

I am an experienced and passionate illustrator, animator and designer. My style is that I don’t have a distinct style! Due to my background as an advertising illustrator I am able to create an illustration or animation in many styles, often desired by art directors. I also like to be inspired by new trends and techniques. To see more of my (past) work you can take a look at www.bymartin.art

Below you’ll find a short impression of me at work with my classicar art art.

Storytelling with images

Eversince I was a kid I wanted to become an illustrator and artist. I spent every free moment drawing, coloring and painting. I was inspired by the work of famous artists. I started to draw by hand – with pencil, acrylic and watercolor on drawing board or on canvas. In the eighties I was one of the top visualizers for Volvo Nederland and DAF Trucks, among others, and made countless visuals, illustrations and art posters for these companies. This largely explains my passion for cars. I have always been fascinated by the beautiful lines and exciting details. She also worked as a designer, illustrator and animator for design studios and for large advertising agencies. I have been working successfully for many years as an independent entrepreneur in my home studio. ClassicCar-Art is for me a ‘side project’ in which I put a lot of energy, but get more and more energy out of it. It is a hobby that got out of hand and my first great love: drawing and painting, but with the freedoms that the digital age has to offer. My recent work as a designer, illustrator, but especially as an animator can be viewed at www.martinmelis.nl I discovered the endless possibilities of digital drawing and animation early in the early 1980s. I made my first digital creations on a Commodore Amiga, and not much later on my first Mac II. From the moment I became acquainted with the endless possibilities of digital drawing, painting and animating, it didn’t let go. For hours I learned to master the most complex painting, composition and animation software, including many other 2D and 3D tools. Nowadays I work with the latest hardware, including the Wacom 27 HD Touch, a digital drawing tablet where I draw directly and touch sensitive on the screen. Working with this tablet is a pleasure – it feels like drawing and painting on a traditional canvas, but with full control over texture, line thickness, color and composition. I use a wide range of digital drawing and drawing tools to make my work. I fully control the effects, brushes and materials, which results in colorful and dynamic works with a unique and unique handwriting. As an independent artist, I have no relationship with – nor do I work for – the car brands shown on this website.