Unique artwork with your very own car or your portrait

A personal and valuable gift

Ask about the possibilities!

A unique artwork with your own car, your portrait or additions and adjustments to existing works are possible!

Besides numbered and signed giclée prints in a Limited or Exclusive edition, it is also possible to create a unique piece with your personal story! Here you see examples of artwork I created for the Concours d’Elegance event Apeldoorn and for Nico Aaldering, founder of ‘The Gallery’ Brummen, The Netherlands. You decide yourself when ordering a personalised work the size and the material you would like to have. Based on an interview with you including a photoshoot I will create my artwork for your event. Before the final artwork is going to be printed you will have a preview of the result. The artwork will be created with great care and dedication to ensure this will be a valuable present for your relation or a precious memory for yourself. To learn more about the way I work and the charges for personalised artwork please contact me at +31 (0)6 55 70 88 30 / +31 (0)411 68 28 71 or send an email to martin@classiccar-art.com

Cadillac - Nico Aaldering

An example of an Unique Artwork: The portrait of Nico Aaldering, Founder of Gallery Aaldering Brummen – The Netherlands in combination with a beautiful ’34 Cadillac.

BMW 327 (1937)

Unique Artwork of the BMW 327 Cabrio, made by assignment.