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BMW 507 (1954)

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The BMW 507 was a roadster, which was produced by BMW from 1956 to 1959. Initially it was planned to export this car with thousands every year to the United States. This eventually became too expensive, resulting in a total output of only 252 pieces. In November 1954, at Hoffman’s insistence, BMW contracted designer Albrecht von Goertz to design the BMW 503 and 507. These cars had aluminum fuel tanks of 110 liters (29.1 US gal) capacity behind the rear seat. The alloy engine from BMW was an OHV V8 with a capacity of 3168 cc. and a top speed of 122 mph.

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Giclée print on canvas (4.5 cm. wooden frame, mounting wire included) or aluminium ‘dibond’ (covered with 3mm. polished acrylic glass) mounting profile included. Optional you may choose for a nice black wooden frame. This option is only available in combination with canvas artwork. A brand New material is HD Metal. A high-quality print on metal that is heated in an oven. Because of this the artwork is scratch resistant and weather proof with an equally high gloss and color intensity like Dibond / Acrylic glass. Also suitable for outdoor use and a colorful brilliant decoration for your garden or terrace.


Detail of the luxurious white wooden frame.

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80 x 50 cm., 100 x 65 cm., 115 x 75 cm., 125 x 80 cm.


Canvas, Dibond Acrylglas, HD Metal


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